What is the difference between DEKA FIT, DEKA MILE, and DEKA STRONG?

DEKA is a modern-day decathlon of fitness for people of all levels. Emphasizing training with a purpose, DEKA gives you the ability to consistently set goals and challenge yourself. 

DEKA offers 3 different events. DEKA FIT, DEKA MILE, and DEKA STRONG. 

    • Each competitor will run 500 meters before entering each zone for a total of 5k of running.
    • Each competitor will run .1 miles before entering each zone for a total of 1 mile of running. Also Zones 4 and 8 will be slightly modified. 
    • There is no running! You will just complete each zone going right from zone to zone. Also Zones 4 and 8 will be slightly modified. 


The Course

The DEKAFIT course will consist of 10 training zones. In between each zone, you will run 500m. Below is the outline of the course. The course will begin with your first 500m run. 

Zone 1. 30 Weighted Alternate Reverse Lunge

Zone 2. 500m Row

Zone 3. 20 Box Jump Over/Step Overs

Zone 4. 25 Med-Ball Sit-Up Throws (modified to Med-Ball Sit-ups for DEKA MILE and DEKA STRONG)

Zone 5. 500m Ski Erg

Zone 6. 100m Farmers Carry

Zone 7. 25 Cal Air Bike

Zone 8. 20 Dead Ball Wall Overs (Modified to Dead Ball Shoulder overs for Mile and Strong)

Zone 9. 100m Tank Push/Pull

Zone 10. 20 Weighted Burpees

Your score will be based on the time it takes to complete the full circuit. 


  • The weight standards are the same for Elite and Open competitors. 
  • Failure to complete a zone or any reps at any zone will result in your timing chip being cut and you will not be eligible for any awards or prizes. You can still finish the event and receive the finisher swag. 
  • In order to get an official DEKA mark (score), all competitors (Elite and Open) must complete the course in its entirety with no assistance. 
  • Official Rulebook Available Here


More information on DEKAFIT can be found here!



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