DEKA FIT Teams Rulebook

DEKA FIT Teams Rulebook 


Rules of Competition


Divide and conquer the DEKA FIT course as a team of two.


  • Male

  • Female

  • Co-Ed (1 male & 1 female)

Competition flow:

Each team of two will have one timing device.  


The first and last 500 meter run (500m run before DEKA Zone 1 & 500m run before DEKA Zone 10) must be completed by both teammates.  All other running can be divided however the team members prefer - One teammate running the entire 500m or one teammate running the first lap and the other teammate running the 2nd lap.  


At the start of the race, both team members will be at the start line together and they will run the first 500m run together.  


After both team members enter DEKA Zone 1, the repetitions can begin. Once the repetitions are completed, 1 of the 2 teammates will begin the next 500m run.  


The teammate not running has two options - stage themselves on the outside of DEKA Zone 2 in the Running Hand Off Zone or stage themselves inside DEKA Zone 2 in preparation for completing Zone 2.  This leaves the runner with two options - hand off to their teammate in the Running Hand Off Zone after running the first lap or run the entire 500m.


This process will continue until the final 500m run which takes place after completing DEKA Zone 9.  *As stated above, both teammates must run the first and final 500m run together.  

Running Hand Off Zones will all be located on the outside of the running track in front of the DEKA Zone 2-9 entry points.


If a team is splitting up a 500m run, the timing device will be handed off at the Hand Off Zone located in front of the DEKA Zone that is to be completed next, and the team member who handed off will then move inside the DEKA Zone.


Small exit/entry points (different location than the main DEKA Zone entry/exit points) will be located inside DEKA Zones to allow for easy access to the next DEKA Zone.

Once both competitors are inside the DEKA Zone, repetitions, meters, and calories can be divided however the team prefers.  


DEKA Zone repetitions, meters, or calories CAN NOT begin until both competitors are inside the zone and “hand off skin contact” has taken place (slap on the shoulder, hand slap, or other contact). 

The next run CAN NOT begin until all repetitions, meters, or calories are completed and “hand off skin contact” has taken place (slap on the shoulder, hand slap, or other contact). *Teammates must stay together inside the DEKA Zones (the upcoming runner CAN NOT stage themselves at the zone exit while their teammate is completing the zone work)


If one team member is running the entire 500m run, the other team member will go straight to the next DEKA Zone. 

After completing DEKA Zone 9, both teammates must run the final 500m run together.

After completing DEKA Zone 10 both teammates must cross the finish line together within 5 meters of each other. 


If a team member is unable to finish the race, the team will receive a DNF (did not finish).

Team members can divide up repetitions, meters, and calories using whatever strategy they prefer, but there can only be one person at a time completing the work.  The team must use the same station (rep completion area/mat, rower, ski, bike, tank) for all repetitions, meters, calories.  Co-Ed teams are allowed to switch back and forth between male/female weights if dividing reps during a zone but a male is NOT allowed to use the female weight.   


Below are examples.


Example 1: DEKA Zone 2 & 5 – Row & Ski x 500m

Only one team member can be completing the Row & Ski at a time.  Both competitors are not allowed to be pulling the handle(s) at the same time.  Team members can switch and divide the 500m however they prefer.

Example 2:  DEKA Zone 6 – Farmer’s Carry

One team member must carry both dumbbells.  The dumbbells can be set down as many times as necessary and the other team member can pick them up and continue.  *For Co-Ed teams, if the female member starts with the 40lb weights, the male team member CAN NOT assist during the 100m carry.  *Both team members and the timing chip must travel together during the 100m course.


Example 3: DEKA Zone 8 – Dead Ball Wall Over

Team members are NOT allowed to throw/toss the ball back and forth over the yoke bar. Transitioning around the outside of the yoke bar to the other side after the ball is thrown over is required.


Example 4: DEKA Zone 9 – Tank Push/Pull x 100m

Only one teammate can have their hands on the Tank at a time.  Both team members are NOT allowed to be pushing or pulling at the same time. Team members can switch and divide the 100m however they prefer


*All DEKA Zones that have a weight implement:  Males must use male weight and females can use female or male weight.  If dividing reps, team members are allowed to pass the weight to their teammate but only one DEKA Zone station can be used to complete the reps.

 **The team division is designed to allow 2 team members to divide and conquer the DEKA FIT course together. Teammates will receive a finisher shirt and a DEKA FIT medal but because the course is completed by 2 people, individual DEKA Trifecta Medal Wedges will not be received.

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